Tuesday, December 8, 2020

CBAP 21st Convention Video Talks and Questions for Students / Seminarians

Instruction for Students/Seminarians

 Students, including Seminarians, who need to have a certificate of participation, must answer the questions below (Google Form) to show that they have watched the videos of the talks.

Talk No. 1: "I Will Survive! Global Pandemics, Gory Governments, and God’s Word" by Dr. Edgar Ebojo

Talk No. 2: "Hope in the Book of Job" by Fr. Randolf Flores, SVD

Talk No. 3: "Present Suffering and Future Glory in Romans 8" by Sr. Bernardita Dianzon, FSP

Talk No. 4: "Persecuted Yet Vibrant with Life..." by Sr. Miriam Alejandrino, OSB

Talk No. 5: "Discipleship on the Road to Crisis in Mark and Luke" by Fr. Alejandro Gobrin, CMF

Talk No. 6: "The Yahwist Flood Story in a VUCA World" by Dr. Maricel Ibita

Talk No. 7: "The Hunter's Snare and Pestilence in Psalm 91" by Fr. Joel Camaya, SDB


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